John Wiley & Sons have kindly provided RCA with free access to the journal Rural Sociology, which it publishes. The journal can be found here.

Rural Sociology is a leading international journal in the field. It is the journal of the Rural Sociological Society, based in the US. The focus of RSS is to share knowledge and its applications with respect to the quality of rural life, communities, and the environment. Its membership includes both academics and practitioners who work with rural people in their places. In particular RSS supports vulnerable and marginalized peoples wherever they may be–values which we at RCA share.

The articles in the journal Rural Sociology cover a wide range of topics in the area, including changes in rural life and livelihoods, demography, community structures and economies, technologies, environmental conditions, and agriculture and food systems. Its reach is international, from North America, Europe, Asia, to the Pacific.

RCA wishes to express its grateful thanks to Wiley for their support.